These five people are getting a free .COM for their baby compliments of Namecheap

I’m a big believer in owning your own domain name. People often ask me what my best domain is and I always say, “well that’s easy –” ask me for my second best and that’s a little harder.

As more and more of my friends have kids I’ve found myself encouraging them to register their baby’s names and a lot of them are doing it, I think they’ll be very glad they did.

So I was excited to see that Namecheap feels the same way and was running a promotion to help parents secure a domain name for their baby.

Of course, I couldn’t resist asking Namecheap if there was a way that I could help get the word out since this is something I feel passionate about and they were nice enough to give me five coupons for free .COMs.

So I went to Twitter and posted this tweet:

With 23 retweets and 28 likes it looks like a lot of parents out there were interested in getting a name for their baby. I’m excited to announce the five winners – they are:

  • Shannon Finn
  • Chad Ellis
  • Pino
  • David Whinray
  • Subhash Mishra

If you read my blog and see, “hey that’s me!” expect to see an email from me this week with your coupon code. For anyone else that wants to register their baby’s name, Namecheap is still running some great specials that you can check out here.

Huge thanks to Namecheap for supporting the cause here and for allowing me to do this giveaway, there are going to be five happy baby’s…once they’re old enough to know that they have their own domain!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton