One heck of a Handshake domain flip – $1,700 to $35,000 in less than 6 months

Yesterday on Twitter Soren von Varchmin, serial entrepreneur and Chairman of the Board at Cloudfest announced a pretty awesome Handshake domain flip. Soren had purchased the two character Handshake domain name OH/ for $1,700 on December 22nd, and yesterday he sold it for $35,000.

Here’s the tweet of the announcement:

Handshake domain flip

It’s no secret that both Handshake domain names and $HNS itself has seen incredible growth over the last year with rocket-level metrics over the last six months.

As someone that has been dipping his toes in the Handshake waters I can tell you Soren got a pretty stellar deal on OH/ back in December. I think you’d have a pretty hard time finding a two-character Handshake domain for under $10k today.

Soren clarified in a follow-up to his tweet that the domain name sold through the NameBase marketplace which is no surprise since this is where most of the action is happening in the Handshake world these days.

Congrats to Soren and to the new owner of OH/, great flip and a great name!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton