Weekend Musings – Las Vegas Here I Come!

Las Vegas

Hello and welcome to my first Weekend Musing of 2012. Just like in 2011 I’ll be sharing what’s going on inside my head every week on Saturday. This week I’m going to keep this short since I’ll be heading to Las Vegas in a couple of hours for Affiliate Summit West which starts tomorrow morning! In fact I still haven’t packed yet so I really should be picking-out clothes rather than writing a blog post…but blogging is far more fun than choosing outfits, so here I am.

  • Yesterday I announced that after two years and over 80 interviews DomainInvesting.tv will finally move from a dream, to reality. This took so much longer than I thought it would, but I think the results will speak for themselves and I am really proud of what we’ve put-together. The secret to success here was realizing that I’m not a video guy and hiring a pro to really make it happen!
  • This week I published two parts to a three-part series I’m doing about what worked and what didn’t work for me in 2011. It’s definitely been one of the best ways to start the year and so far these are looking like some of the most-read posts I’ve written yet! If you missed these make sure you check them out – Part 1: Domain Development, Part 2: Domain Sales.
  • DomainTheft.org has seen a lot of reports coming-in so far this year with 14 thefts reported in the first six days of January.
  • Next week I’ll be attending two conferences that are great for seeing trends for 2012 – Affiliate Summit and CES. Of course I’ll share just about everything I can from these so you can take some of the golden nuggets I bring back from Vegas…and no I don’t mean my Poker winnings, or lack thereof!
  • I almost made a really nice sale this week to an end-user…but it fell through so I have no exciting news to report. This happens and I still have a lot of great leads for this particular name so expect to share some good news about it very soon!
  • Jason Thompson was nice enough to offer to build me a couple of the Amazon Associate stores he’s been building lately. Jason’s already seen some great traction on these and I’m excited to see what he can do with some of my product domains.
  • Siri is pretty damn cool. I got an iPhone 4S last week and have to say that I am pretty pleasantly surprised by Siri. It has already saved me time and I feel like I’m living in the future every time I use it, which is maybe the best part about it!
  • Only two days until Cax.com‘s best newsletter ever goes live! I’m definitely going to be paying close attention to this and looking for some good deals, and I’m sure there are going to be a ton which means it will be important to act quickly when you spot a name you like…otherwise I might get it before you 🙂

Okay, now I really should get packed and have a quick bite before I head off to LAX for the quick 45-minute flight to Vegas. If anyone of my readers are attending Affiliate Summit I would love to grab a beer together – please reach-out to me on Twitter and we’ll make it happen! If you’re not coming to Vegas, don’t worry – I’ll do my best to make it feel like you’re right there with me, stay-tuned!

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Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton