Affiliate Summit West 2012 Starts Now!

This morning I woke-up in beautiful Las Vegas! Today is the first day of Affiliate Summit West 2012 and I am currently sitting in the first session which is intended for newcomers to the conference. This is the biggest Affiliate Summit yet with over 5,000 attendees, so if you every doubted the Affiliate Space is growing, think again, this industry is on fire and Affiliate Summit is leading the charge!

Unlike previous conferences where I’ve done incredible long posts summarizing each day I’ve decided to do multiple posts each covering different sections of the show. I’m hoping this will make it easy for people to follow the action as it’s happening! So let’s get started!


The conference is taking place at Caesars Palace at the center of the Vegas Strip. This morning exhibitors continue setting-up their booths as the main exhibit hall opens tomorrow!


affiliate_summit_boothsetupThe first session of the day is intended for new attendees to learn the ins and outs of the show. I’ve always thought this was a great idea for a conference as it makes newcomers feel very comfortable right-away.

affiliate_summit_openingsessionThe main sessions begin at 11:00AM and I’ll be attending a session titled – How to Quadruple Revenue using Existing Traffic. Doesn’t that sound awesome? Of course I’ll be sharing what I learn from the session with all of you so stay-tuned!

Geeky Note: This is the first conference that I’m shooting photos and videos with my brand new Nikon D5100. The days of photos and videos on my iPhone are over, I hope you all enjoy the upgrade!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton