WeedClub acquires Extract.com, rebrands Blockchain Platform to Extract

With marijuana now legal in states across the US, more and more businesses are popping up supporting this fast-growing ecosystem. One of those companies is WeedClub which coins itself as the “Cannabis Business Hub” – wondering what that means? Here’s a little snippet from their about page:

For members of the Professional Marijuana Industry, WeedClub fosters a safe & elegant environment to discover and connect.

For consumers, WeedClub is a fast and accurate way to discover local dispensaries and retailers.

Members enjoy access to our messaging platform. Members can find and communicate with each other without revealing their personal information. Furthermore, WeedClub does not store or log messages in our system. In tandem with the way Member Information is hidden from view, we only allow verified Members to access the Vendor contact information — adding to the level of trust in our fledgeling community.(Source – WeedClub.com)

Evan Horowitz is the Co-Founder and CEO at WeedClub and if that names rings a bell, it’s because he’s also been in the domain name industry for a long time. Among a solid list of previous ventures Evan ran Hunting Moon, which started thirteen years ago and took part in millions of dollars in domain name deals. While they specialized in adult domains, they also owned and brokered a wide range of names.

One of their most notable brokerage deals was six LL.com domains that they brokered back in 2012. So suffice it to say, when it comes to domain names, Evan gets it.

This week Evan announced on Facebook a major domain acquisition for WeedClub – Extract.com which is going to be the home for their new Blockchain Platform, Extract.

First things first, this is a big name and definitely a really nice acquisition for Evan. Second, it highlights a point that I make a lot when talking to other startup founders about domain names. If you acquire your matching .COM, you can call your company/product/brand by it’s name, hence in this case, Evan gets to now have a platform called Extract. If you don’t own the .COM, then you can to call your company/product/brand using it’s domain name otherwise people will get confused and go to the .COM.

Extract.com was originally listed for sale on Ganjapreneur.com, a company run by Andrew Rosner from Media Options. I don’t think the price has been released at this time but if either Andrew or Evan is reading this and wants to share either the price or the range it sold it, that would be cool 🙂

Huge congrats to both Evan and Andrew, this is a great domain and will no doubt give WeedClub’s Blockchain Platform an incredibly strong brand to build on.

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton