With Bitcoin on the rise, are cryptocurrency domain names swinging back into action?

It’s no secret that Bitcoin has had quite a run over the last three months. If you bought Bitcoin back in March, you could have almost doubled your money by now. Of course, most people didn’t even consider doubling down on Bitcoin in March since it has been puttering along with very little growth for some time now.

Now, Bitcoin has outperformed most people’s stock portfolio’s over the last three months making investors around the world scratch their heads and wonder if they should jump back in.

With new price movement also comes lots of new press buzz, in short – people are talking about Bitcoin again, a lot. Back in the good old days of late 2017 when Bitcoin was all the rage, cryptocurrency-related domains were really seeing some solid activity. As the cryptocurrency market dropped, dropped, and dropped some more, interest in cryptocurrency domains waned as well.

Now I’m thinking, cryptocurrency feels like it’s going to be in the spotlight again (or at the moment it certainly is) so does that mean that cryptocurrency domains are also going to see a resurgence?

One of the things I’m seeing that could be an indicator that cryptocurrency names are heating up is what looks like increased bidding activity in the aftermarket. BitcoinCafe.com has 33 bids and BitcoinKey.com has 21 bids on Go Daddy auctions and every week I’m seeing more cryptocurrency names see similar activity.

Of course, I’m not really running any detailed analysis so it could be that I’m looking for this trend to heat up so I’m seeing it. What do you think? As cryptocurrency heats up is the market for cryptocurrency domains swinging back into action?

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Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton