Want to learn Python? Here are 3 great places to get started (Updated for 2015)


I’ve been writing Python code  since the 90’s, so yes, that makes be pretty darn old. Back then I had to learn Python from a book because, well, this whole Internet thing hadn’t taken off yet so books were the norm. Fast forward to today and there are so many places to learn Python online that it will make your head spin. The problem is that many of these tutorials are wildly outdated so you learn code that won’t actually work with the current version of Python or on the latest version of Ubuntu.

As someone that stays active in the Python community I am always looking for the best resources for developers who want to learn Python. Below are three resources that can help you get started the right way, and trust me, once you get started you’ll be blown away by all the amazing things you can do with Python.


One Month Python

This is the newest and most up-to-date Python course on the Internet, period. It was literally just released a week ago and it is one of the most detailed and well-taught courses I have ever seen. If you haven’t heard of OneMonth.com, they are a coding tutorial site that allows you to learn just about any programming language under the sun. What I really like about the One Month tutorials is that you learn by writing code yourself and they are able to get some truly exceptional people to teach the courses.


Codeacademy – Python

Like OneMonth.com, Codeacademy offers interactive courses that allow you to learn a programming language while writing code. I think this is absolutely the best approach since you get to learn each concept by writing real working code that clearly demonstrates your understanding of the topic. While OneMonth.com is famous for tutorials that anyone at any experience level can take, Codeacademy does assume that you do have at least a basic knowledge of computer programming.

real-pythonReal Python

I’m fairly certain that Real Python was the first of its kind and set the standard for Python courses that followed. This course combines a 1,300 page book with over nine hours of video, lots of sample exercises and fresh content added every week. While OneMonth.com and Codeacademy focus on teaching you what you need to know, Real Python goes above-and-beyond by really teaching you everything you could ever want to know about Python, it’s a lot of information and I do recommend it for people that have prior programming experience that want to learn how to master Python.

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton