Building An App? Don’t Launch It During The Week

Techcrunch ran an interesting story today about the best time to launch or promote an app. While you might think promoting a new app mid-week might be your best bet, new data now shows that you’ll actually get the most bang for your buck over the weekend.

“The company found that the best day to run promos varies across the App Store’s different categories. While weekends are often best as a rule of thumb, it seems, there can be some variance when it comes to when to promote purchases versus downloads.” (Source – TechCrunch)

Educational apps did the best on Sundays and the worst on Tuesdays. Entertainment apps peaked on Saturday but still had strong results on Sunday and like educational apps saw Tuesday as their poorest performing day. Games also exhibited similar behavior with major download and revenue spikes taking place on the weekend and also more weakness on Tuesday than any other day of the week.

Mobile Games Revenue(Image source – SensorTower)

While overall the weekends proved to be the best time to launch or promote an app, results varied by category. For business apps mid-week turned-out to be the best time bucking the weekend trend altogether.

0229-business-revenue(Image source – SensorTower)

Overall the data clearly shows that while you might think launching a new app during the week would make sense it actually offers the weakest numbers when it comes to both downloads and revenue. There’s a lot of data and SensorTower did a great job covering it there blog, you can read the full report from the study here.

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton