Video highlights from Friday at the Asheville Domain Investing MeetUp

Well, I think I can say with confidence that yesterday was a huge success and everything that Rick has promised, was delivered, and then some. It’s pretty amazing what can happen when you get the right group of people together in the right place and yesterday it all really came together.

I started the day at the gym and since I seem to be in a video mood this trip, I shot a little video – see if you can spot two other Domainers in there with me?

The day started off with opening remarks from Rick, if you haven’t seen those yet you can check-out the video of it here. Braden and I got lost trying to find the room, and of course I couldn’t help but film our adventure so if you want to join us in getting lost, feel free to watch the video below:

After that Domainers were able to hop on the mic and introduce themselves, and as I mentioned in my post yesterday, Michael Berkens gave a really interesting talk on new gTLDs and sparked a great discussion. I’ll be sharing that video soon so stay-tuned for that.

After that we all enjoyed time talking and exploring the property, the weather was perfect and energy level was high. Before I go any further I have to say, I think this hotel has the biggest fireplace I have ever seen, so big, I also had to take a video to share it with all of you…

I had a lot of great conversations yesterday and as usual learned a lot from talking with other Domainers. It’s always so interesting to hear how other people structure their portfolio, learn what’s working, what’s note and share ideas. One thing I’ve always appreciated about the Domain Industry is the incredible community, rather than competing with each other it really feels like we all want to win together, and that’s something special that not many industries have.

Somehow I managed to sneak in a quick nap and then we headed into downtown Asheville…where the bus first dropped us off at the wrong location, so we crossed the street, and then crossed back and got back on the bus. While it’s not the most exciting video, if you want to share in that experience, here it is:

The ghost tour was fun…but we got distracted by all of the excitement in downtown Asheville and before you knew it a few of us had deviated from the tour and made our way to an Arrested Development concert. I don’t know how many of you listened to Arrested Development but they were my jam back in Junior High so I was pretty excited. Here’s a little clip from the concert:

After that we headed over to the Rooftop party which was a blast, I would share videos of that with you now but if I did that I’d miss the bus to the brewery tour that Go Daddy is hosting…and well, I’m going beer tasting.

If you want to follow along with the adventures today just stay-tuned to my Twitter account @morganDOTlinton. I hope you’re all having a great start to your weekend, thanks for reading and watching!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton