Reflections on the 1st Annual Asheville Professional Domain Investors Meetup

I’m at the airport now getting ready to make the trip back to San Francisco. I had high expectations for Rick’s Asheville MeetUp and can tell you, those expectations were exceeded. The combination of people and location was about as close to perfection as you could get.

As always I really enjoyed catching up with old friends, and at the same time, I made some new friends and met some truly inspiring people that I’m really looking forward to staying in touch with. I know I keep talking about the venue but I can’t emphasize it enough – being in such a beautiful place really allowed all of us to relax and unwind in a really special way.

Staying an extra day in Asheville also turned out to be a great idea, Saturday was a blast from the awesome brewery tour sponsored by Go Daddy to an incredible Stephen Marley concert in the park, and ending on another one of Asheville’s rooftop bars.

I took a lot of notes as I tend to do and learned a lot, if I don’t make 10x my travel costs from attending the event I’d honestly be pretty surprised. Of course, I want to share what I learned with all of you, but let’s start with what’s top of mind. Since my videos seem to be resonating well with people I decided to shoot a video with some of my reflections – here it is:

Okay, now it’s time to get on my flight, San Francisco here I come!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton