Update From Moniker: 2 New Support Staff Start Today, One More Coming

After writing my post this morning I got a very quick response from John over at Moniker. He wanted to follow-up right-away and solve the problem. This was great to see but I told him my disappointment with hitting this issue and fear of other customers having the same experience.

It looks like Key Systems has decided to get Moniker’s support department back in action by adding threw new staff member, two of whom started today. John told me that Moniker is very committed to growing their registrar, brokerage, and premium auctions business.

This is definitely encouraging to see, however I did point-out that your average user wouldn’t know people like John or Howard so might have been left waiting for a callback. That being said, with three new support staff-members it sounds like support has once again become a priority at Moniker.

Based on this information I’m going to stay onboard and give it a shot. That being said, a registrar’s support is absolutely critical for a business so I’ll need to see the improvement myself as a regular user before I add more names to my Moniker account. This morning my intention was not to slam Moniker out of the blue, but instead share what I saw as a serious decline in the quality of Moniker’s support. As someone who has heavily promoted Moniker in the past I had to point-out if I was leaving the registrar and why.

It’s great to see that Key Systems is adding more support and from what John has said it sounds like thing really are turning around. As always I will continue to update you, my readers. If I ever recommend a product that later down the road I find is not a good fit, I’ll always let you know. The Domaining space changes quickly, and when companies change hands you never know what will happen to them. I am committed to you my reader and I want to make sure that services I’ve recommended in the past, continue to deliver a quality of service I’d recommend for you right now.

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton