Appraiso T-Shirt Winners Announced: Congratulations Cate and Big Ticket Names

Last week I wrote about the journey of our startup from an idea to a real live product on the Internet. Last week was absolutely insane, exhilarating, and amazing all at once. With the announcement of Appraiso I also held a give-away open to all of my readers and social media followers.

Well today I’m happy to announce the winners of that contest, Cate from and Big Ticket Names! This weekend we selected all the contestants names at random and we’re happy to tell you that you won! The shirts that are being given-out are a limited edition, we only made 100 and we don’t have many left. We made a decision as a company to never make this exact shirt again so it can really be a limited edition and something special to us and those of you who have supported us here in the very beginning.

You can see Daina and I wearing our Appraiso T-Shirts in Santa Monica the night of our launch. So why are these limited edition? Outside of the fact that we decided not to make this exact shirt again, we are going to make a small change to the logo. This means that there really will be no shirt with this logo on it ever made, ever again. It’s special to us and I am very excited to share some of our very last shirts with Cate and Big Ticket Names!

If you haven’t tried Appraiso yet, give it a shot, you get one free appraisal per day and plans start at only $10/month. We are already helping people close bigger sales and spot scams on sites like Flippa and eBay!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton