Throwing In The Towel With Moniker: Lack Of Support Leaves Domainers Hanging

Well today I’ve finally made the decision to throw in the towel after years with Moniker. Over the weekend I registered a domain at Moniker and when trying to adjust the DNS settings found a major bug in their system. In the end, something that I can do in five seconds on Go Daddy or any other registrar actually just failed on Moniker and created weird duplicate entries.

Normally, when I hit a speed bump I call the company. With Go Daddy I have an account manager but even before that I would always get in touch with someone almost instantly. Same is true for Hostgator. With Moniker I called support this morning, sat on hold for about ten minutes and then was told to leave a message and that someone would get back to me within 24-hours.

This for me is where I have to throw in the towel. Not only is the system buggy and producing errors, but when I try to call to get help with it, I end-up with a voicemail and no clear way of knowing when I’ll hear back. So it is with a bit of sadness that I bid farewell to Moniker, a service that had great potential, but has clearly fallen very short of being something Domainers can comfortably use.

I will be moving all my names from Moniker to Go Daddy which has been my favorite registrar for years. I know some people have some strong negative feelings towards Go Daddy but if you are a VIP with them and have an account manager it’s honestly a great experience.

So farewell Moniker, it’s been a wild ride over the last few years, and I think I held-out longer than most giving the service a fair chance. As a Domainer we often need to fix mission-critical things on the registrar level and if it takes up to 24-hours to fix, that is a very big deal.

As always I’d love to hear from you, good or bad, comment and let your voice be heard!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton