TRAFFIC Vegas 2013 Baby!

Hello, happy Wednesday and hello from TRAFFIC Vegas! It is cooking here in Vegas and the Bellagio is starting to fill up with Domainers from around the world. In about 30 minutes Daina and I are heading down to the cabanas and I still have emails to do so I’m going to keep this short, or short for me which sometimes turns out longer than I expect.

Today is the first day of TRAFFIC which means a full day of networking at the Bellagio cabanas. Rick and Howard did an awesome job picking the venue, we literally step into the elevator, press the “Pool” button and we’re there. Also the main convention center is about a two minute walk from the guest elevators. The Spa Tower, which is where the TRAFFIC room blocks are, also happens to be a newly remodeled tower which is a nice plus.

Last night we went to dinner with Paul Goldstone and his wife at Nobu and then hit the Foundation Room for a nightcap. Michael Cyger (or as many of you know him, DomainSherpa) joined us for drinks along with Steve who we know from DBR.

Paul, Barbie, Daina, and Morgan in Vegas 2013

We are members of the Foundation Room in Hollywood but always love coming to the Vegas location because of their awesome view of the Vegas strip, always a great way to start a Vegas trip…and for those who know us, you know we love Vegas 🙂

Foundation Room - Las Vegas

After the foundation room we still had some energy so stopped by the craps table on our way up to the room. I can tell you, Michael Cyger is a good roller to have on your side 🙂 I have a busy meeting schedule today which I’m really looking forward to, all awesome people and having meetings poolside at the Bellagio sounds like fun to me!

As you all know I’m a photo nut so you can find photo updates on Facebook and Twitter throughout the day. Tonight is the opening night cocktail party and then, off into the night. As you all know I don’t blog about nightlife so if you want to know what happens when Domainers are let loose on Vegas late at night, you’ll have to be here.

Okay, off to the cabanas, Vegas baby!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton