Kickfolio rebrands from a .COM to a .IO Main Site

Today Kickfolio, a startup that creates cool tools for running iOS apps to run in your web browser made two big announcements, they just raised a million dollars, and they are rebranding from to

The startup will now go by “” — a name that CEO Edward Dowling says better matches what the company is doing now and where it’s headed. (via TechCrunch)

This is a decision many startups have to make, and if the keyword you’re going after is “App” and you can’t get .COM, you’re left with picking your next top choice TLD which for many startups is .ME, .CO or .IO. Yes, TLDs like .NET and .ORG have been around a lot longer but I’m seeing more and more startups opt for these three TLDs.

While some people might say, “well people are just going to go to!” They might, but they’ll find a site that has absolutely nothing to do with running iOS apps in a browser and it doesn’t look like the company using is going to change their entire business anytime soon.

Now just to be clear, by no means am I saying every startup should rebrand using a .IO domain. .COM is still king and is still without a shadow of a doubt the most-requested TLD I see startups using for their brands. However if the .COM is out of the question, .IO is definitely becoming a more popular choice along with .ME and .CO which have already solidified themselves as good TLD options for startups.

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton