Another Awesome Day At TRAFFIC Vegas


Happy Thursday and hello from Vegas! I am going to keep this post incredibly short because I’ve been in and out of meetings, on panels, and bidding on domains making this a full day and leaving me pretty darn exhausted. I’m going to attempt a 10 minute power nap right after I finish writing this post because then we’re headed down to the casino for a bit of gambling before dinner and then the Waternight Party, never a dull moment!

This morning I spoke on a panel that was all about startups and domain names, great discussion and really enjoyed talking about a topic that as you all know I am pretty darn passionate about.

Morgan Linton Domains For Startups Panel

After that I hopped into meetings and then onto the blogger panel in the afternoon.

Domain Blogger Panel

If you want to read more about today’s events I always recommend you read DNJournal, Ron Jackson always does an incredible job of covering these events and somehow manages to put-together thoughtful and detailed posts while still managing to somehow be everywhere at once!

Okay, powernap time, then gambling, then dinner, then Waternight Party!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton