Three ways I’m planning on using Efty’s new Zapier Integration

Yesterday Efty announced their new Zapier integration and as someone that has used Zapier for years, and also uses Efty, I can tell you I’m pretty excited about this.

If you don’t know what Zapier is, just think of it as a way that different software solutions can talk to each other without requiring you, the user, to write code or access APIs directly.

Efty and Zapier

I always hoped that Efty would go in this direction so my gears had already been turning when it comes to how I would leverage Zapier and Efty. Here’s three things that I think I’ll be doing first:

  1. Efty and Slack – now I can have a notification show up on Slack when I get an inbound offer. This one seems like a no-brainer to me, why not make it easier for yourself to know when someone wants to buy a domain name from you?
  2. Efty and Pipedrive – at NamesCon Europe this year I talked about how I use Pipedrive to manage my domain sales funnel. To do this, I’ve had to manually enter new inbound leads into Pipedrive, with Efty’s Zapier integration I can now have the leads go straight to Pipedrive.
  3. Efty and Google Sheets – I like to have a backup of all my inbound leads outside of any third party platform or CRM. I currently keep this in Google Sheets and now I can have this happen automatically.

If you haven’t used a Zapier integration before I think you’ll be surprised at how easy it is to get everything setup. Before Zapier you really had to know how to code and the in’s and out’s of APIs, with Zapier you literally just click a few buttons to get everything connected.

Congrats to the whole team at Efty, this is a huge feature to add, can’t wait to sit down this weekend and get my first integrations rocking!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton