Rick Schwartz offers up a 23-year-old domain for $2,500 on Twitter

Well today was an interesting day as Rick Schwartz is doing what will likely be remembered as a first in the domain world. He’s running a contest on Twitter, with multiple rounds, to buy a 23-year-old two-word .COM domain from him for $2,500.

Here’s the tweet that kicked off the contest:

Now I think most people would agree that this domain is worth far more than $2,500 so not surprisingly, a lot of people jumped in to see if they can snag it for a cool $2.5k.

As for people you know and love – Shane Cultra, Josh Reason, Doron Vermaat, Mark Levine, Ron Sheridan and more got in on the action. As of me writing this post a total of fifteen people had responded “YES” to the tweet.

As Rick says, there will be a part two and I’m pretty interested to see what happens in part two, and if there’s a part three. No matter how you slice it, this is a pretty creative move by Rick and clearly an effective way to move a domain at a price you’re okay parting with it for.

While I didn’t look at the WHOIS my guess is Rick has probably owned this for a long time (maybe the whole 23 years) and likely paid $100 or so for it so he’s probably going to make 20x or more on his investment, so while it’s a great deal for the name, he’s locking in a great profit.

Stay-tuned, tomorrow part two will be unveiled!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton