Three of my most-read posts over the last few months


I’m always interested to see which of my posts seem to spark the best conversations or interesting debates. As a blogger, learning what you, my audience likes to read is critical, otherwise I could end up writing a bunch of posts that are interesting to me, and nobody else.

So, since I’m looking anyway, I thought it might be fun to share three of my most popular posts in the last few months. If you missed any of these, the comments are still very much open so feel free to read and jump in to share your opinion.

  1. Hand registering domains is a fools game – this post was inspired by a tweet from popular domain broker Andrew Rosner, the conversation took off and it now has 31 comments and some great perspectives shared.
  2. Verisign just called Domain Investing a “questionable practice” – I want to fly to Virginia to understand why the sudden change in positioning – well the title says it all, and yes – I want to make this happen.
  3. Two-word .COMs continue to be some of the most powerful branding assets on the planet – I honestly wasn’t expecting such a lively conversation to erupt on this post, but it did and I think it’s a really interesting one so thanks everyone for sharing!
Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton