Verisign just called Domain Investing a “questionable practice” – I want to fly to Virginia to understand why the sudden change in positioning


I was absolutely blown away when I read the following quote on Domain Name Wire yesterday, the source was a blog post by Verisign themselves, in it they say:

“Flipping domain names or warehousing them to create scarcity adds nothing to the industry and merely allows those engaged in this questionable practice to enrich themselves at the expense of consumers and businesses.” (Source – Official Verisign Blog)

Given that Verisign has had a presence at just about every single domain investing conference I’ve been to I find this quote and change in positioning to be incredibly confusing. What I’m even more confused about is that Philip Corwin, the former lead council to the ICA, an organization that champions the rights of domain investors, is currently council at Verisign.

I have met Philip a number of times before and he has always been a strong supporter of Domainers, now he’s working for a company that just called Domaining a “questionable practice” – wow. Sometime tells me that Philip is probably as frustrated with Verisign’s blog post as I am.

So I’ve decided it’s time to sit down with someone from Verisign (hopefully the CEO, James Bidzos) to get to the bottom of this sudden change in positioning. I would like to do the interview in-person, on video, and I’ll happily pay for my own flight out to Virginia to do it.

Today I will start by emailing people I know who might be able to connect me directly with the CEO of Verisign. As an industry, we deserve to know why the owner of .COM just did a complete 180 on the community they’ve been supporting for as long as I can remember. If you’re interested in me flying out to Virginia to get to the bottom of this, please show your support in the comment section below!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton