Hand registering domains today is a fools game

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So many new domain name investors start the same way, their journey into the Domaining world goes something like this. They read an article about domain investing and go, “wow, people are making money buying and selling domains, that’s amazing!” Then they look at DNJournal and see the prices that domains are selling for and think, “wow – some of those are names that I feel like I could have come up with myself!”

The next step is usually what I like to call, the famous, domain name buying spree. This usually involves hand registering tens or hundreds of domains and saying to yourself, “I’m set, if just one of these sells for a few thousand dollars I’ll be profitable, if two sell I’ll be making some real money!” Then, a year goes by and guess what, none have sold.

I know this story all too well because it’s the same mistake that I made when I first started in the Domaining world. I learned my lesson the hard way, but not everyone has to. The reality is, as Andrew Rosner from Media Options says – hand registering domains today is a fools game.


So if you’re just getting started in the domain world, don’t make the same mistake that most new investors make. Instead, focus on buying domains in the aftermarket, expired domains in particular are a great place to start. Like anything, start slow and take the time to learn. Luckily, the domain industry has a ton of great resources to learn more about domains like DNAcademy, DomainSherpa, forums like NamePros and conferences like MERGE and NamesCon, so you really have no excuse when it comes to learning the ropes!

Just remember, if you find yourself setting in a dark room illuminated by the glow of your computer screen at 2AM hand registering domains that you “think” will be worth a fortune…you’re probably just buying a bunch of junk that you’re going to look back at year from now and kick yourself for buying.

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton