There’s really no better time to join the ICA, oh and if you join and go to NamesCon, I’ve got a special offer for you…

I’m going to keep this short and sweet but I feel like now is a pretty darn important to write this post. I’ve been a big supporter of the ICA for years, heck, they’re the only organization out there fighting for our rights as domain investors.

Over the years I’ve had the chance to get to know the leadership team at the ICA and I can tell you it’s some of the most inspiring people I’ve met in the domain name world. Now, with everything that’s happening with .ORG, among many other issues the ICA is kicking it into high gear and I think everyone else should be too when it comes to joining and supporting the cause.

There are a lot of benefits to being and ICA member, the first is pretty clear – they’re really one of the only organization out there that will fight for your rights as a domain investor. Oh and if you’re thinking about going to NamesCon and are on the fence, an ICA membership can lock in a pretty solid discount on a ticket.

So if you make more than a few thousand dollars in domain names, or if you plan to and want to make sure the opportunity is still there for you, and all of us, now is the best time possible to join the ICA.

I’ll also throw in something fun for anyone who reads this post, decides to join the ICA, and comes to NamesCon. I will personally buy you a beer, anytime I see you at NamesCon. Just email me with proof of joining and then either follow me around or try to spot me when you can, and any time you see me, smile, point, and your favorite beer is on me.

The domain industry has one key organization that fights for the rights of all domain name investors, join me in supporting the ICA and standing up for all of us who choose invest in digital real estate.

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton