My blog turned 12 in October, and I was so busy I missed it!

Is it just me or is this year flying by? I’ve been so busy that I forgot to put together a little post celebrating the 12-year anniversary of my blog, so hey – better late than never. started back in October of 2007, back then it actually didn’t even have it’s own domain name, instead it could be found on It also wasn’t a daily blog, and back then I could tell you I had no idea I’d still be blogging twelve years later.

In 2010 I started incorporating more video into my blog and finally made my move over to my own domain, After that I moved over to what I think is likely going to be the permanent home for my blog –

Writing a daily blog really is a lifestyle choice, and for me it has been a great outlet and also provided a really nice steady income stream. I am so thankful for all of my sponsors, some of them have been advertising on my blog for almost a decade!

Of course the reason that I write is you, my reader. I have readers from around the world and it’s always a blast to meet new readers from different parts of the world at conferences like NamesCon or Rick’s Asheville Meetup. As I’ve said many times, I plan to keep writing this blog well into my 100’s so if you’re not sick of me now…you still have plenty of time!

I would like to thanks my sponsors and my readers, here’s to the next twelve years!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton