The story behind the acquisition of

If you don’t know Jason Fried, there’s a good chance you’re familiar with his company Basecamp. In early February Jason announced that along with coming out with Basecamp 4, the company would also be releasing an innovative new offering in the email space.

As you might notice, the new email service is launching on one heck of a domain name – Today Jason decided to share the story behind the acquisition of the domain. acquisition

The process took 18-months from start-to-finish which doesn’t surprise me. Many of the one-word .COM deals I end up being a part of end up taking a year or longer. What’s really fun about this one is the approach that Jason took and the great relationship he build with the domain owner and the mutual respect they both had for each other:

This was a long 18 month process, and there was uncertainty at every step. We’d never bought a domain like this, he’d never sold a domain like this. There’s a lot of trust required on all sides. And more than money, was important to him. And who he sold it to was important to him as well.

But it was truly a pleasure to work with him. Dane was fair, thoughtful, patient, and accommodating. And for that we’re grateful. Business deals like this can get messy, but this one was clean and straightforward. Kudos to him and his lawyer for their diligence and clear communication.(Source –

This is a great example of how two good people can do good business together. Congrats to Jason and Dane, this is a wonderful story and I think it’s beyond awesome that Jason took the time to share the details. You can read the full story of the acquisition of here.

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton