The Domains and The Domain King both faced off for best eclipse view – The Domains won by 1%

Fun fact that I’m guessing not everyone knows. Both Michael Berkens ( and Rick ( have houses at the top of mountains, which as you can imagine means they are darn good friends to have if you want to see the eclipse. Rick donned a pretty badass eclipse-viewing helmet before the big event:

When it came to the eclipse on Monday, both Michael, another legendary Domainer and creator of the popular blog and Rick faced off for the best eclipse view. While the Domain King is the king when it comes to domain, Michael managed to take the title as the Eclipse King with 100%


Rick admitted defeat on Twitter on Monday – needless to say, both Michael and Rick had stellar view of the eclipse and they’ve been friends for years so it’s definitely a friendly competition. Michael also upped the ante with a bear coming by for a visit two days before.

Next time there’s a solar eclipse…I’m heading to Michael house – but I think I want to borrow Rick’s super powered eclipse viewing helmet.

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton