So I’m on a plane now heading towards the hurricane

I was in San Francisco this week and now as I write this post I’m 35,000 feet in the air heading back towards Austin. I’m flying Jetblue which means that I’m also watching the live broadcast covering the hurricane that I’m literally heading towards.


While it’s very unlikely that Harvey will still be a hurricane by the time it gets to Austin, it will without a doubt bring a ton of rain (expectations are close to a foot!) and that means flooding. For those who know me, you know I’m a bit of a prepper so it’s safe to say that we’ll be ready for anything that comes our way and since our condo is on the fifth floor, I feel pretty secure knowing that the water won’t likely rise to 50+ feet.

Still, when you look at the statistics, 90% of fatalities in a hurricane happen in water (i.e. not wind-related), and the bulk of those are people who are in their cars trying to brave the flood waters.

If you live in Texas, anywhere between Austin and Houston, stay safe and don’t test your car’s ability to make it’s way through water – it’s not worth it.

This weekend Daina and I will be hunkering down in our condo, catching up on Game of Thrones and happily welcome any of our friends who are in Houston or further south that are escaping the hurricane. If you’re a blog reader of mine and you need to get out of the hurricane – email me directly at morgan(at) – I am happy to host you at our place.

Stay-tuned to my blog, I’ll start sharing pictures and videos from downtown Austin starting tomorrow and please, anyone reading this, stay safe and if I can help, reach out, if you’re a blog reader (or a friend of a blog reader) you’re as good as family in my book. In two hours I’ll be landing in Austin and I can tell you I definitely won’t be getting into a car until after the storm is long gone!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton