BuyDomains lists 400+ domains on NameJet

BuyDomains has an interesting auction going on over at NameJet right now featuring over 400 domains, and many of them brandable one-word .COMs like and Brandables like these have been used by some of the companies we know and love like Twitter, Cisco, Nescafe, Santander and more – they are made up words but when a company is built behind the domain, they become household names.

The interesting thing about brandable domains is that their pricing is often significantly lower than dictionary one-word .COMs like or which command six and often seven-figure price tags. Heck, Evan Williams, one of the founders of Twitter picked up for just $7,500.

Along with brandable domains it looks like BuyDomains has also included plenty of two-word .COMs like,, and more. Like brandable domains two-word .COMs can land as low as a few hundred dollars and get into the six-figure range for the best names. Last week sold for $32,500 and before that sold for $47,000 so it’s not rare to see solid two-word .COMs sell in the five figure range pretty regularly.

I’ve always found that in bulk auctions like these names tend to sell for less individually since they’re being sold in bulk so there are likely to be some really good deals in here. Of course, like any bulk sale, you need to be picky and if you’re picking a name for your company you want to make sure you’re really picking something that you like. Still, getting a name for a few thousand dollars that might cost 2x – 5x the price if an individual owned it is why bulk auctions like these can be a nice win for startups looking to get a good deal on a brandable domain.

You can see the full list of domains that BuyDomains has at auction on NameJet here

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton