The days of one-word .COMs selling for under seven figures may be numbered

Million dollar .com

I remember the days when solid one-word .COMs would sell in the mid six-figure range, and back then, that felt like a lot of money. Today, when a strong one-word .COM sells for under $500k I’m always surprised and like most domain investors, know that the buyer got one heck of a deal.

When it comes to selling one-word .COMs, there is one person who always stands out, he’s someone that manages to get top dollar and turns down offers that just about every one of us would take in a heartbeat. I’m talking about Rick Schwartz, the Domain King, and this week he continued to show why he’s earned that title with the $6M sale of Ass(.)com which he announced in this tweet:

Now I don’t know the story behind the sale but I can bet Rick had plenty of offers in the $2M and $3M range and turned them down (Rick if you’re reading this you can let me know if I’m right!). For so many domain investors making a $2M – $3M would be a no-brainer, but Rick always seems to be able to structure sales that make me do a double-take. Also notice this is $6M+ royalties so it could turn into an eight figure sale.

To keep the one-word .COM train going, domain broker Kate Buckley announced the $1M+ sale of eBike(.)com on Twitter today:

And if that wasn’t enough…Brannans/DotKeeper also announced the sale of for $1.25M yesterday. While I could write more about these sales, Ron Jackson had awesome coverage of all the action on DNJournal, and he’s the best of the best when it comes to covering sales like this so I’ll pass the mic to him. You can read more about all the action below:

Another Blockbuster for Kate Buckley! Buckley Media Group Closes 7-Figure Sale of

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The reality is, great one-word .COMs do still sell in the low-to-mid six figure range but it’s safe to say when it happens, you’re leaving money on the table. One word .COMs are so damn special, those who really understand their value sell them for what they’re worth, and in most cases that comes with a seven figure price tag.

Congrats to Rick, Kate, and the team and Brannans and DotKeeper – next time we all get together, you buy the beers 🍻

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton