The .CM Scam – What was enom Thinking???

I heard some alarming news from a good friend of mine last night. He paid a pretty penny for a .CM domain recently and registered in for two years through enom. When my friend went to update the nameservers for his new domain he was given some very bad news.

The .CM registry will not have the ability to change nameservers until 2010

This means that if you bought a .CM domain you are out of luck if you’d like to host your site anywhere but enom this year! My friend has asked for a refund in this case and I’ll let you all know how it goes. This seems like a major oversight on enom’s part and I’d be very interested to hear something from enom in response to this.

As you know I always like to post BOTH sides of the story on my blog as it is important for my readers to get a complete view of any situation. If you work for enom and are reading this post – speak-up!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton