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If you are reading this post that means you are now looking at the brand-new version of! This is the fourth version of my blog since its inception in October of 2007! A lot of the changes made in v2 were driven by – you – my readers! As a blogger I am forever grateful for all of my incredible readers – without you this blog would not exist. As such it is your comments that have driven the new features in this update of my blog.

So what’s new here? First and foremost I have made my blog much easier to navigate. Now that I have over three-hundred articles I have received an overwhelming number of requests to make it even easier to access all of the past content that I’ve written. You will now see the easy to access Category Navigation at the top and with you on every page. This means that you can read my current articles or quickly dig-into your favorite category and read-away!

Next I’ve added a “Popular Articles” section directly on the main page. This will help you navigate some of my most popular articles right-away. Heck if everyone liked the article there has to be something that made it interesting…right?

Search! Yes – you can finally search my blog, just scroll-down to find my brand-new search box. You can now search every single article I’ve ever written by simply entering your search terms into the box on the sidebar.

Advertisers delight! I have added a 468×60 ad slot at the top of my blog as well as made my 128×128 banner ad slots MUCH more visible. Remember, advertising is how this blog makes money and I don’t use any Google Adsense or other PPC – only valued sponsors are allowed on my site. With over 11,000 pageviews in August this is a great time to advertise on

Last, but certainly not least – this blog has not been hacked! That’s right, this is all clean, header-spam free code. Hopefully my blog will regain its search engine rankings now that the offending code is nowhere to be found. I have added some serious security provisions to this version and will detail the changes I made in future posts.

Let me know what you think of the new design! Like it? Hate it? Share your opinion and let your voice be heard. As you know I publish just about everything and will continue to do it because this blog is made for you!

As always thanks for reading and making my blog what it is today!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton