Linton Investments Launches Domain Investing Newsletter

Linton Investments has announced a new newsletter for premium domain name buyers. As a domain broker Linton Investments receives thousands of domain name submissions each week. Picking only the best premium domains Linton Investments has now expanded a portion of its brokerage portfolio to domain name investors.

Previously all domains brokered by Linton Investments have remained unlisted as the primary focus of the business is selling domain names to end-users. As the brokerage business has grown Linton Investments has identified domains that would be a good fit specifically for domain name investors and others within the domain name industry.


So if you’re looking for your diamond in the rough – this could be your opportunity! Linton Investments plans to send-out their domain investing newsletter once a month to start. You can sign-up for the newsletter starting today! If you would like to offer some domains from your portfolio for sale through Linton Investments you can also view their domain brokerage service to learn more about the brokerage process.

As I have said many times before – we are only at the very beginning of what will become a large industry. Right now is one of the best times to acquire some incredible domain names at prices that will look like peanuts five years from now!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton