Thanks for all your feedback on my newsletter idea…I decided not to do it, and here’s why

One thing I really like about having a blog is that it can be a great way to vet ideas and get feedback. Last week I wrote a post about a new idea I had, a newsletter that curates domains that people are thinking of dropping, and offers them up for sale for something in the $25 – $50 range.

A number of readers chimed in on the idea and brought up a really good point that I don’t think I had thought through enough – going through lists of names and managing all the back-and-forth communication is going to be pretty darn time consuming.

I spent the weekend camping on Mount Tamalpais, which was a great way to disconnect and let my mind just relax a bit. I find getting into nature is a great way to think through things, by just letting things sit in the back of your mind you can sometimes get surprising clarity.

Here’s a few of the comments that really resonated with me…and I have to start with Snoopy since he’s one of my most active commenters and honestly does tell it like it is:

Another one of my readers, Ravi did a solid deep dive into the reality behind what it would really take to do this:

Another reader, Steven brought up a problem with my pricing strategy that I also thought was pretty spot on:

Of course, there were a number of people who liked the idea and said they would be interested in seeing the newsletter get off the ground. What was nice about getting all of the feedback is that I had a couple days to really think it over and take into account what everyone had said.

While I think someone could run with this idea I do think Ravi said it best, “needs lots of time (yours) and prompt execution” – given that I work 60+ hours a week running a startup, the only time I have for Domaining is on the weekends, and well, I like hiking, camping, and generally unplugging during the weekends. Giving myself a task that’s going to plant me in front of a computer all weekend or for hours at a time doesn’t feel like something I want to do.

So for now, we’ll file this under “ideas I had that if I had more time might be worth doing but aren’t going to happen right now.” Thanks again for the feedback, now back to your regularly scheduled program!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton