TemTer.com – A New Domain Auction Service Focused on No Reserve Auctions

I found-out about a new site last week that has recently launched in the Domain Auction market. The company is called TemTer and they are putting a strong focus on No Reserve auctions. For those who know the auction space, eliminating the reserve price often provides for much greater liquidity. The best way to get liquidity by far is $1 No Reserve auctions and TemTer will be featuring at least one $1 No Reserve auction every single day.


To learn more about the site and the goals they have I decided to setup a phone call with the creator himself. We spoke on the phone last night and he had some really interesting things to say about the service and what they plan to do. The idea is simple – there are tons of Domainers now looking for liquidity and plenty of places to try to sell names for big bucks…but what about those Domainers just looking to make a profit, flip a name for 2x or 3x what they paid for it rather than waiting to get 200x. Enter Temter.com.

I think the concept here is really good and it’s important to understand that this isn’t the end-all solution for everyone. I do get a ton of emails from people who read my blog though who registered names or picked-up names off of a drop for $12-$20 and would be more than happy to flip them for 2x what they paid. TemTerm.com really is the perfect place to do this because No Reserve auctions, especially those starting at only $1 really can see some nice action and yield a great price for the buyer and good liquidity for the seller.

Along with offering No Reserve auctions and daily No Reserve auctions starting at $1, TemTer also does something that I really like – no commission. You simply pay a listing fee to get your name on the service and then if the name sells for hundreds more than you thought, you get the money. I honestly feel this is the most fair way to work with Domainers especially when you are talking about an auction format.

In my phone call with the creator of the site he said that they will not just be auctioning off stand-alone domains but also some domains with websites and rankings, starting with a $1 bid. This could be a great opportunity for Domainers looking to get a head-start in the search engines to get both a domain and website for a really low price. For Domain Investors that are good at contacting end-users or have buyers that they regularly sell to there could be some really good deals on TemTer offering excellent flip potential.

It is easy to register for TemTer and since they are just starting-out I am going to be watching them closely and probably getting in on some of the $1 domain auctions they run. No reserve auctions are pretty exciting because you never know what the name will sell for! Whether you’re a buyer or a seller I think this is a service to watch, it’s a no frills marketplace and I honestly think there will be some great deals on here and some excellent ways to get liquidity for lower-priced names that you want to sell for a quick profit. Stay-tuned, I’ll definitely be talking about this more as things develop, looking forward to picking-up some great names with their $1 daily No Reserve auctions – hope to see you on there!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton