Startup Monday – Evening Edition: European Startup Accelerators

Welcome to the evening edition of Startup Monday – it’s my goal to get your week going with as much inspiration from the Startup space as I can! Tonight really isn’t tonight for all of my readers, if you’re in Europe it could very well be the morning, so why not we leave Silicon Valley and talk about Startup Accelerators in Europe.

First, before I launch-into a list of the top Startup Accelerators Europe has to offer let me make sure we’re all on the same page. Some of you might be asking, what exactly is a Startup Accelerator?

A Startup Accelerator is a program for startups that usually combines funding with expert advice and coaching to help Startups get their ideas off the ground. An accelerator is the perfect place for a group of people with a truly great idea to get the foundations and expertise they need to turn it into a real business. While seasoned veterans that are on their sixth company might be fine with just raising a few million dollars and putting the money to good use, accelerators are there to help businesses really get the fundamentals right and grow their business in ways they couldn’t on their own or just with funding alone.

Probably the most famous Startup Accelerator in the US is Y Combinator which has helped create some incredibly successful startups like Heroku, DailyBooth, and Reddit to name a few. There are some great Startup Accelerators helping to make game-changing companies in Europe and TechCrunch had a great article with the top 8 European Startup Accelerators. If you live in Europe and you think you’ve got what it takes to run one of the next great Startups, take a look at the list below, one of these might just have what you need to take your business to the next level!

1. Seedcamp (pan-European)

2. Startupbootcamp Spain / Tetuan Valley

3. Startupbootcamp Denmark

4. Springboard (UK /Pan European)

5. Openfund (Greece / South Eastern Europe)

6. NDCR Launchpad (Ireland)

7. Propeller Venture Accelerator Fund (Ireland)

8. Startupbootcamp Ireland

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton