TechCrunch Covers Domain Purchase

Reputation Management is a huge industry, and it’s getting bigger every year. People want to be able to manage their reputation online and in a world where Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, You Tube, Vine, Linked In, Vimeo, etc. are all relevant and ranking on the first page of Google, it matters more than ever. Tonight TechCrunch covered the six-figure purchase by

With a name like Reputation Changer, you can imagine that an online reputation management company would be stuck in the shadow of (which itself was formerly known as Reputation Defender). The solution? It’s changing its name, and purchasing a memorable URL of its own — (source – TechCrunch)

This is a great move and the domain they need to really go head-to-head with The reputation management space is a battle of websites, not of apps, so domains matter much, much, much more than when you’re looking at services like Vine or Instagram.

In this case Reputation Changer will be building their brand on now positioning themselves as by Reputation Changer. Definitely an awesome purchase and for a web-only company this is a must, especially to compete against someone like I’ve talked a lot about .IO domains in the startup space because they are really heating up. Still, as I’ve always said, nothing beats a solid one word .COM, just not everyone has the budget for one.

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton