Taking My Own Advice

Sometimes the hardest advice to take can be your own. This year I have worked hard to decrease the number of projects I’m working on so I can increase my focus. I’ve gone from having about twenty different projects occupying all day Saturday and Sunday to three projects occupying all day Saturday leaving one weekend day now free for some much needed R&R.

While this has been hard to do I can already see the increased quality in the three projects I have decided to put my focus on. The problem is, in taking my own advice I have a bit of guilt – shouldn’t I be doing more? I’ve gone from running seven blogs to running one, working on ten different development projects to one, and offering four three services to one. Am I falling behind?

The answer here is NO – I am not falling behind, I am actually becoming more focused each day and doing a better jobs on the projects I have chosen to take-on at this time. I find that on the weekends I can actually spend Sunday with my girlfriend relaxing and going to the beach without feeling like I’m slacking-off…in essence I’ve created something I’ve wanted for a long time now – FOCUS!

I know most people have been taking their weekends off for a long time now but since Domaining is not my full-time job the weekends have always been my time to create two solid workdays. On the weekdays I spend about an hour writing for this blog and another hour reading other blogs and forums. That’s all the time I have and with too many projects it’s easy to get stressed and do a mediocre job on all of them.

So this is the new – less-stressed Morgan – I might not be doing as much at once…but the quality-level on each project has increased ten-fold. Want to know my focus – here are my current three projects that get the focus I used to give to twenty!

  • Domainvestors.tv (Blog, Newsletter, Television Show)
  • Domain Brokerage (Linton Investments Brokerage Service)
  • HotelCritic.org (Focusing now on ONE development project at a time rather than ten!)

Now it’s time to ask yourself – how many things are you doing at once? If your answer is more than five then ask yourself this question – “are you doing an exceptional job on each project?” My guess is your answer to this will be NO! Get focused and decrease your stress-level, you’ll do better work and enjoy life more while you’re at it!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton