Do you have a newsletter? What are you doing with it?

I’ve had a newsletter running on this blog for a while now and get a steady stream of subscribers each week. I still don’t have thousands of subscribers but I am happy to say that I do have hundreds. While plenty of bloggers have a newsletter, many don’t use really allow it to reach its full potential.

What do I mean by full potential?

A newsletter should be more than just a list of links to your last posts – it should be specialized content and offers available only to subscribers. If all I get by subscribing to your newsletters is a list of the articles from your blog then I’m not really getting anything special!

I’ve used my newsletter to provide subscribers with content NOT found on my blog and get very positive feedback for doing this. If you take the time to subscribe to my newsletter I think that shows a level of support for my blog and in return, once a month, I like to return the favor.

Yes – this is a bit of a time commitment but is it really that much time for the benefit you can provide to your readers? I spend about 3 hours writing my newsletter, one Saturday out of every month. I feel that it is definitely worth .4% of my time each month to do this which is really all that 3 hours is!

This blog is a passion of mine and helping each reader achieve their domain investment goals has become a mission. I want to constantly inspire new Domainers so am always looking for ways to provide added benefits to those who read my blog.

So all you bloggers out there who are simply providing links to your articles in your newsletter, now is the time to grab the bull by the horns – share something unique, give a discount, do something in your newsletter that normal readers of your blog don’t see! Your subscribers will thank you and continue to read your newsletters and as your subscriber-base grows you’ll soon find yourself reaching a targeted list of passionate people that want to hear what you have to say!

This is not a shameless plug for my newsletter – sign-up if you want but don’t think this post was written to guilt you into subscribing. Newsletters aren’t for everyone but for me, I’m always learning, so any resource I can get with good information I jump all over right away…and newsletters are a great way to deliver content to people that really want to hear what you have to say…of course you do have to say something interesting!

So take the leap – spend one hour, two hours, or even three hours and give your subscribers something special. I can tell you from experience it will pay you back ten-fold not in money but in repeat visitors which in my mind is the most important thing of all!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton