Small Business Saturday: I’m Now A Proud CoLofter!

Small Business Saturday

When you are running a small business expenses matter. One of the largest expenses that businesses have is office space. In Los Angeles where I live it costs over $2,000/month for basic office space and that’s before you look at electricity, Internet access, etc. Also many small businesses like mine aren’t a full-time thing so paying monthly rent when you’re only using the office on nights and weekends can be a very unnecessary expense.

On top of that, if I’m just going to sit in an office alone, I can do that at home. I’d like to be surrounded by other creative people doing amazing things…and that’s where CoLoft comes to save the day! I found-out about CoLoft at the Startup Lessons Learned Conference last Monday in San Francisco. When I told people I lived in LA I’d say at least half of them said, “are you in CoLoft?”

I had no idea what this was, but once I found-out I wanted to be a part of it immediately. CoLoft is office space for entrepreneurs that don’t want to pay heft fees for office space and don’t necessarily need a full-time office. CoLoft offers shared office space and a really dynamic and creative environment where you can work alongside other startups and entrepreneurs in the area. They have WiFi, great desk space, comfy chairs, along with meeting space, and a kitchen so you can bring your own food if you’d like to.


I signed-up for the nights and weekend plan which allows me to come after 6PM (and until 8AM) and on weekends. This is perfect for me since I have a full-time job so work on our startup software company on nights and weekends. The new office (feels good to have an office!) is about a ten minute drive from our condo and is also about a two minute drive from the beach!

My membership starts on June 1st so next weekend will probably be my first time enjoying the office and hopefully meeting some other CoLofters. Im looking forward to providing an update on the CoLoft experience after a few months working there. Just being in the offices yesterday I could feel the energy and creativity, and I can’t wait to become a part of the community. They also have lunches on Wednesdays and two happy hour’s a month which I’m also really looking forward to.

As you can tell I’m really excited – I could go on and on but I think it’s time to get to work, we’ve got a new beta release coming-out next week and we’re putting the finishing touches on it right now!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton