Flippa Friday: BloggingToTheBank.com Sells for $900,000 on Flippa

BloggingToTheBank has been one of the top-selling products on Clickbank and now the site will have a new owner after an almost million-dollar sale on Flippa.


So what the heck is Blogging To The Bank? It is an online course all about how to make money blogging. As someone that has sold products through Clickbank for years I am no stranger to this particular product. The creator of this course has really done a great job putting-together a great educational product that has turned-into a major business.

The site currently gets over 340,000 unique visitors/month and generates a profit of $90,000. So when you look at this $900,000 sale it really is an incredible deal for the buyer who is getting this business at just 10x the monthly revenue. Most Domainers won’t part with their names for less than 20x monthly revenue so it would be unlikely to see a domain making $90,000/month sell for less than 1.8 million.


As a blogger myself I’ve actually never looked-into this course as it’s always seemed a little cheesy to me. That being said, cheesy or not, they have successfully built a seven-figure business. Still if I had a business making $90,000/month I wouldn’t sell it for $900,000 – I would much rather enjoy the passive income than sell it for only 10x the monthly revenue. Still, money is money and $900,000 is nothing to be disappointed with.

Yet another example of a domain name turned-into a business and sold for a life-changing amount of money. If you can turn BloggingToTheBank.com into a million dollar business the sky really is the limits. So what are you doing with your names? Are you just listing them for sale and waiting, maybe you’re emailing/spamming potential buyers? Why not turn just one of them into a real brand? There are examples on Flippa every single day and if you aren’t doing anything with your domains you could be missing-out on some serious passive income!

Congratulations to both the owner of BloggingToTheBank.com and the buyer, I think the buyer got a stellar deal and the seller, while only selling for 10x monthly revenue still walked-away with close to a million dollars which in my book is still something to write home about.

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton