Share one two-word .COM you would sell for $250 – $500

Last week I wrote a post that analyzed the top ten domain sales from the previous day. I asked readers if they thought this was interesting and one of my readers suggested the following:

I thought this was an interesting suggestion so thought I would give it a try but with a little tweak. I personally don’t buy many domains in the $1,000 range, for me the sweet spot is $250 – $500 and I focus on two-word .COMs.

As all of you know, I’m not shy about trying new things on my blog. I love using my blog to test out new ideas, many of them don’t work out, and that’s why this is a great place to test and learn. I’ve been writing this blog for over 11 years now and I’m very consistent with writing daily posts, no changes there, but as for the content of the posts, I’m always looking for new ideas and trying things that my readers think could be interesting.

So let’s give this a shot, and of course, here’s a few ground rules to keep things organized.

  1. Please list one domain only
  2. The domain must be a two-word .COM
  3. The domain has to have been registered for over a year (i.e. you can’t just go register a domain now and list it for $250)

If you list more than one domain, list a one or three word .COM, or list a non .COM your comment will be removed. I might buy a name listed here or one of my readers might. It’s first come first served so if I’m too slow on the draw and one of my readers buys a name, so be it, I’m not going to tell you to hold onto it for me, whoever gets there first gets the name.

Last but not least, let me know if you like this idea. I have to give credit to Mike and Ray at TheDomains.comas they’ve been doing something similar to this for years. If you like this idea and want me to do it more often, let me know. If you hate this idea and hope I never do it again, let me know that too. Now let’s do it!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton