Domain Investing News Recap for the week of September 9th 2019

Domain Investing News

Well we’re getting a bit of a heat wave here in SF and somehow it’s 92 degrees today. I told a friend in NY and he didn’t believe me, so I sent him some proof, in case you need it as well, here ya’ go:

San Francisco Heat Wave

Luckily we get back down the the 70’s for all of next week, anything above about 85 is too hot for me. As usual, this was another busy week in the domain investing world, here are the stories that caught my eye this week. Parting Ways with Wells Fargo
(

GGRG Releases Their Latest Quarterly Report on Short .Com Domain Sales in an Impressive New Format
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Botterman is new ICANN chair
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Court rules scraping a website without permission not illegal
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12 end user domain name sales this week
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Vaping domains: a dying genre for domain name investors
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Should you ever criticize the portfolio of another?
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Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton