Selling Your Domains to End-Users: Part 2

In my first post about selling your domains to end users I discussed one technique for finding end-users who might be interested in your domain(s). There are many different ways to find end-users but this first technique is a great way to get started. Once you have found your target end-user you now have the challenge of presenting your domain name to them. This is where most new Domainers stop – they get too scared to contact someone out of the blue so decide to instead just list their domains on domaining forums and listing services.

Once again I think it is best to use my car analogy here. When you want to sell a car it can seem like a lot of work to list your car for sale online or in the newspaper and then deal with each buyer individually. You might say – well it is easier for me to just bring my car to the dealer because I know they will buy it. This is true – the dealer will buy your car – but for significantly less than a private party would. When you sell your car to a private party you can bring-out all the great qualities in your car – when you sell it to a dealer they will look at all the flaws and accentuate those to reduce the price they pay.

So what’s my point here? It will take more work to sell your domain(s) to an end-user but this is by far the best way to really get the maximum value for your domain(s). Someone who really understands this concept is Rick Schwartz and I suggest you read his blog as he shares a lot of great advice and has done an incredible job of finding excellent buyers for his domains. If you look at a domain name like he could have sold it for 1 million dollars – sounds like a lot – right? Knowing the real value of this domain Rick waited until he could find the perfect end-user and instead walked away with 3 million dollars plus residuals.

I hope I’ve made my point here – once you’ve identified a few good target end-users (which can be people or companies) for your domain you need to have the confidence to contact them. When contacting an end-user about your domain you’ll want to focus on several key qualities that will exemplify the value of your domain. My top three are:

1) How many Google searches the keywords in the domain receive

2) Similar domain sales

3) CPC people pay on Google to advertise for the exact keywords in the domain

When contacting an end-user you want to make sure to be focused and clearly show the value your domain offers to their business. If you write a sales pitch that is too long chances are they won’t read it. Want to see a sample email?

I will send you a sample email you can use right-away to send end-users. All I ask in return is that you subscribe to my RSS feed. Once you have subscribed just send me an email and I will send you an email template you can use to get started contacting targeted end-users.

Remember – if you never take the time to approach end-users you could never make that BIG sale you’ve been waiting for. It’s not about selling 100 domains a year, it is about selling the right domain to the right end-user. Rick Schwartz hasn’t sold even 20 domains, ever – but he has made millions…now think to yourself – have you sold over 20 domains and are you a millionaire?

For the record I’m not a millionaire – and I haven’t made any six-figure domain sales. That being said I do spend a LOT of time trying to find targeted end-users for my domains and I have made five-figure domain sales of domain names that got offers of a few hundred dollars in Domaining forums. Take the time to identify targeted end-users for your domains and take your domain investing business to the next level!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton