4 Plugins to Secure WordPress

After having my blog hacked this year I’ve spent a considerable amount of time trying-out different WordPress security plugins. I’ve probably tested around thirty different plugins now and have come-up with my top four. First let me say that there are many more great plugins out there so don’t think that if a plugin is not on this list that it stinks. That being said – these were the plugins I found to really help me get the best coverage across some of the major potential security holes that can be exploited with WordPress.

I’m still planning on doing a more technical post detailing some of the specific security flaws within WordPress and how you can patch these by hand if you so desire. That being said – most of us are lazy and would much rather have the plugins do the dirty work for us. Another advantage to using plugins to secure WordPress is that they can be updated every time a new security hole is discovered so you don’t have to stay on-top of every single WordPress exploit that comes out.

Remember – no matter what – export your WP data at least weekly and always update WordPress as quickly as possible when a new version comes out. Okay – enough chatter – here are my top four WordPress security plugins:

1) WP Security Scan

2) Secure WordPress

3) Login Lockdown

4) AskApache Password Protect

As always please feel free to comment and share your own favorite WordPress security plugins!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton