Selling Your Domains to End-Users: Part 1

Good morning everyone and welcome to the first in my three-part series on selling your domain names to end-users. As a domain broker I am oftentimes asked whether I try to sell domains to end-users or domain investors. The answer to this question is – both – but I do focus on end-users for a vast majority of my domains. So why are end-users so important?

I always like to use the following example. Selling your domain name to a domain investor is like selling your car to a car dealer. The dealer will be expecting to buy your car at its wholesale value because in the end they want to re-sell the car to…an end-user! Selling your domain name to an end-user is like selling your car to a private party – you can be sure that you will get a higher price since the buyer isn’t looking to re-sell the car – they are looking to drive it! An end-user isn’t looking to re-sell your domain name – they are looking to develop and monetize it!

There are a number of ways to sell your domain names to end-users. The tip I am going to give you today is one that you can start using right-away to find end-users who might be interested in your domains. The first thing you need to do is identify the keywords in your domain – suppose your domain name is – then you’ll want to look at the keywords “money saver”.

Now type your keywords into Google and take a look at the ads that show-up on the right-hand side. These are all people who are actively targeting these keywords and willing to pay money every time someone searches for those keywords and clicks on their ad. This is a GREAT place to start because you know that this person (or company) has already identified these keywords as helping them target customers. If your domain name can help them get the same clicks without having to pay Google every time then you already have a value proposition for them.

Sounds easy right? Remember – finding a potential end-user for your domain is only the first step and this is only one of the many ways to find an end-user for your domain. In part two I will cover how to present your domain to an end-user once you’ve found them. If you want to learn more about finding end-users you’ll have to wait until I release my Domain Investing Video Course that should be out sometime in the next few months (you can pre-order at 25%-off by emailing me).

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton