Selling a four-word .COM for a 280x ROI

I talk a lot about two-word .COMs on my blog, have for years and don’t plan to stop anytime soon – they are the bread and butter of my domain portfolio and the core type of domain I invest in. That being said, I think it’s always important to point out that three and even four word .COMs can and do sell all the time for solid ROIs, albeit often at lower overall price points.

One example was just announced today by veteran domain investor Logan Flatt who announced the sale of ChargingStationsNearMe(.)com on Twitter this morning, here’s the tweet:

Four Word .COM sale

What’s pretty interesting is that Logan could sell almost the exact same name again given that he also owns ChargingStationNearMe(.)com. I think that setting a BIN of $2,500 is spot on, pricing a name like this at $4,500 would likely mean never selling (or waiting a LOT longer to sell) and pricing at $1,500 would have clearly left money on the table.

For years domain investors have tried to hone in on the magic price point that isn’t too high and isn’t too low, i.e. just the right amount where there’s money to be made but the buyer doesn’t have to think twice about hitting the buy button. It looks like $2,500 is the sweet spot and by making this clear with a BIN on the landing page just makes it that much easier for the buyer.

As we all know, or at least what the data has shown for years, domains with BIN prices have a greater liquidity than names that push the buyer for an offer. While it goes without saying that the seller is likely leaving some money on the table, it’s worth it for the liquidity for many portfolio owners. Many investors I know take a balanced approach segmenting their portfolio with “cashflow names” that are priced with a BIN, and longer-term investments that they take offers on.

Congrats to Logan on the sale, here’s to the next one! 🙌

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton