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How HTTPS Works

We all use https pretty much all day every day since in 2020 just about every website you visit will use it. Of course, you use a lot of things in your daily life that you probably don’t truly understand and HTTPS might be one of those things.

Of course if you’ve been in the domain name world for long enough you might know HTTPS like the back of your hand…but if I ask you the difference between symmetric and asymmetric encryption can you explain that? What about TLS?

If some parts of HTTPS confuse you, fear not, there’s a fun little comic that is currently trending on Y Combinator’s Hacker – in fact right now it’s in the #3 spot which is pretty badass.

Y Combinator's Hacker News

What’s also interesting, at least to a domain geek like me, is the fact that the site resides on a .works domain, In this case, the TLD is being used as a word in the sentence, “how https works.”

This is a topic that came up at NamesCon last week and that I’m seeing more and more, new domain extensions being used to complete a sentence or as the second word in what would normally be a two-word .COM.

Is this trend taking off like a rocket ship 🚀  I’d say no. I don’t see this often and I’ll be honest, I’d personally prefer the .COM, I think these are confusing, but who asked me! 🤷‍♂️  What I can say is I’m seeing this happen more than ever before and in this case, I thought whoever built the site did a pretty clever job with their comic.

All that being said, next time someone asks me how https works, I’m sending them to 🙌

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton