Running WordPress? Stay Secure and Update Today

The latest version of WordPress has just been released, v3.1.4, so if you’re running WordPress it’s time to update. It is rediculously simple to update WordPress however many people wait several days or weeks to update potentially leaving their website privy to hackers and malware. This is one of the #1 reasons why I don’t recommend building a bunch of websites using WordPress, it can get very difficult to manage.

Since there are so many sites on the Internet running WordPress it is a constant target for hackers and blackhat SEO folks wanting to get some free link-love without you knowing about it. One of the most prevalent WordPress exploits is a spam link injection hack which puts a ton of links to someone’s site without the blog owner ever knowing, or learning about it too late when they get de-indexed by Google.

That’s right, someone can inject links into a WordPress blog and because of it Google could de-index you even though you had no idea the links were there to begin with. How can you avoid this? Well WordPress is working hard to keep their software secure and everytime they update it usually a number of exploits are patched at once.

The moral of the story? Keep WordPress up to date, a new version was just released today so if you’re running WordPress, it’s time to login and update.

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton