Selling for North of $20,000 on Flippa

I was browsing through the closing auctions on Flippa when I saw that the Domain Name, had over 40 bids and was closing today. I don’t think I’ve heard of many big domain sales on Flippa but this is a killer name, going at a very high price for the Flippa community.


With over 40 people bidding on this domain, domain investors have to wonder if Flippa might be a new platform for selling their domains? I don’t have enough experience with Flippa to tell you whether it’s a great platform to sell your domains or not. I personally use Flippa to buy domains/sites with existing traffic and revenue. Sure – I still browse through drop-lists but for my business I’m much more focused on assets that already produce passive income, rather than those that have the potential to if developed-out and marketed.

Domainers looking to buy some good revenue domains may find some great deals at Flippa, just be careful – Flippa is filled with scammers, do your homework and make sure the stats/data they are providing make sense. I really wish that Flippa had DNWStats integrated inside it – would make life a lot easier!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton