Great Initial Results with, a domain sales service by‘s Francois Carrillo looks to be delivering the goods in the crowded domain sales space. I had my first experience with the service only 24-hours ago and I’ve already sold one domain. Carrillo always has a new approach to his services and is no exception.

Bargain Domains

Unlike most services that let you list any domain you want, only allows you to list domains appraised for more than $250. After that you have to list your domain at a large discount off the appraised price. Sure – you might not agree with the appraisal algorithm’s price determination, in which case you don’t have to list your domain. For me I found that my domains that were accepted were at prices I was more than comfortable with.

Automated appraisal systems could be debated until the cows come home – I think we all agree that nothing these services provide should be taken as the exact factual value of the domain. I think that if you use multiple appraisal services (at least three) and then compare that with similar and recent domain sales then you can come-up with a reasonable expectation for what your domain is worth. This isn’t a service designed to get you top-dollar for your domain, is all about liquidity.

Right now I’ve only sold one of the fifty names I’ve listed however in less than 24-hours I’m happy with the initial results. I’ve made it no secret that I’m no domain sales expert – monetization has been my sweet-spot in this industry. This year I’ve decided to put some of my time into learning how to sell domains. I love learning and through talking to people at conferences as well as conversations with friends in the industry I’m doing my best to make domain sales a meaningful part of my business. I just loaded over 200 names into Sedo and will be doing the same with Afternic – I’ll be interested to see how the results vary between these three services.

Of course this is not the only way I’m promoting my domains for sale – I’m also doing the following:

  • Sending-out emails actively on my newsletter to over 1,000 subscribers
  • Emailing advertisers who actively spend money on keywords that exactly match my domains
  • Identify and email similar domain owners
  • Listing domains for sale in live auctions (have two names in TRAFFIC Dublin)
  • Listing domains for sale in other newsletters (sold for $400 about a month ago in the Latonas newsletter)
  • Reaching-out to domain buyers I know with specific names I think will interest them
  • Listing my domains on other services like Sedo, Afternic, Snapnames, and a few more

For those who really know me, you know that I’m an all or nothing kind of guy. I’m not just going to sell a few domains – I want to grow my annual revenue by over 50% by adding this new segment onto my business. I am also looking to secure a few premium domains for brokerage through our premium brokerage service so if you have a great domain and you’d like to give us a shot, send me an email. I can’t make the same promises that the big brokerage houses can, and I don’t have a proven track-record. I do have two very motivated brokers and myself and we’re ready to start making it onto the DNJournal top ten list. I know it won’t happen overnight – it’s 2010 and I’m about 15 years behind, but I’m one persistent guy so something tells me I can pull this off 🙂

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton