Ready To Learn WordPress? New Resource Added To My Blog!

Let’s face it, WordPress is by no means a fad, it’s a platform that is making development accessible to people all over the world. At Affiliate Summit this year I spoke to several very seasoned web developers that said they were using WordPress now for all of their client sites. WordPress makes it so much easier to add content and sophisticated functionality with Plugins. What I also like about WordPress is that it’s great for beginners, but also has plenty of power-user features for anyone that knows CSS or PHP and wants to get under the hood.

Wordpress Blue Logo

Well I am excited to say that my blog now ranks #2 in Google for “WordPress 101” and I’m getting a steady stream of traffic from interested new WordPress developers. So I decided to add one of my first dedicated “How To” pages to my blog. If you look at the top navigation you will now see “Learn WordPress” which has my three step guide to learning WordPress from the basics to installation and beyond.

All of this information is completely 100% free. So if Learning WordPress was one of the items on your To-Do list in 2012 get ready to check it off the list!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton